tools for cultivating self-compassion

The ability to compassionately attune to our own feelings and needs is the foundation of our ability to be attuned and compassionate with our children, family members and everyone in our lives. Self-compassion sometimes gets confused with selfishness, but it couldn't be further from the truth! Cultivating self-compassion improves our relationships the other people in our lives.   See the "Practices" section on for more guided meditations to cultivate self-compassion. 

Where Emotion is Felt in the body

Learning emotion basics is empowering. Becoming aware of our body sensations is a gateway to more accurately identifying our feelings. More accurate feeling identification makes understanding what we need much clearer. When we are clear about what we need, we can take the right action to get our need met (and not wait for someone else to magically figure it out for us!) What a relief!

Shining a light on our inner critic

This is a beautiful little short film by Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen, a Norwegian Emotion Focused Therapist, about how emotional self-awareness allows us to face our inner critic with assertiveness and compassion.