Children and Youth

I work with children of all ages. I usually encourage parent or caregiver involvement with children 12 and under, we can talk about what fits best at our initial consultation. Young people 13 and over sometimes want to meet individually and other times it makes sense to include other family members. We work this out together when we first meet. 

Some of the challenges I have helped people transform are:

  • School difficulties: academic, social and school avoidance (including procrastination, perfectionism and under-acheiving)

  • Anxiety symptoms

  • Worries and fears

  • Sadness and depression

  • Intense emotions, angry outbursts, and trouble coping with intense feelings

  • Understanding ADHD in the context of neuro-diversity and our different brains; supporting positive adjustment to an ADHD/LD diagnosis

  • Managing ADHD symptoms (Drug free or concurrently with medication)

  • Difficulty making and keeping friends

  • Bullying

  • Adjustment to separation/divorce

  • Chronic health problems (self or parent)

  • Sexual assault, domestic violence and abuse recovery

  • Trauma recovery

  • Homophobia, coming out, questioning sexuality, family/individual adjustment to LGBTQ identity

  • Self-harming

  • Life transitions to high school, college, university or work

  • Family conflict or communication problems

  • Low self-confidence, self-esteem or self-efficacy


 I help people transform challenges with:

  • Anxiety symptoms

  • Depression

  • Difficulties in relationships: family, romantic, friendships or professional

  • Stress management/work-life balance/feeling overwhelmed/burnout

  • Separation and divorce

  • Intimate partner violence

  • Trauma recovery

  • Gender based violence

  • Sexual assault or abuse recovery

  • Life transitions: marriage/partnership, parenthood, retirement

  • Chronic health problems

  • Parenting and/or co-parenting challenges

  • Managing ADHD symptoms in adulthood.


Living with a partner or within a family often brings up challenges. If you're experiencing conflict and/or distancing and would like to reduce stress and find more harmony, exploring your situation in counselling can be helpful. LGBTQ/queer families and couples welcome.  I often see individuals who are experiencing problems with a family member; it is sometimes surprising how much therapy can help even if the other person is not participating in the session.

I help people with a variety if challenges:

  • Conflict and relationship difficulties

  • Stress management/work-life balance/feeling overwhelmed/burnout

  • Parenting/co-parenting

  • Life transitions: marriage/partnership/new baby/adoption/separation/divorce/retirement

  • Coping with family member's well-being and/or mental health challenges

  • Advanced parenting skills for caregivers supporting children/teens or adults with mental health challenges.